Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Visitor and Baby Chicken update

We have had some cold nights over the past weeks.  We have also had some pretty warm days.  But this is the pattern the fringes of the season seem to go.

I found a visitor on our front door this morning:

What a gorgeous bug.  This guy is pretty hardcore, too.  It's like the Great White Shark of bugs.  

I also wanted to share the progress that my little girls are making.  They are still warm in my office, but now they are making a great mess.  There is dust everywhere.  As you can see in the picture below, we have added a fence around the wading pool.  They are small enough to fit through the fence, so this is rather ineffective at keeping them in.  

All of the girls got together to pose for the picture below.  From left to right, we have the Dominique, a Fayoumi, behind her is the White Sultan named Beatrice (I love the White Sultan's spike feather look).  In front of the White Sultan  is a Jersey Giant, who is kind of hiding the other Fayoumi, and lastly, we have another Jersey Giant.  I plan on naming the other Jersey Giants, as they are my favorites, but I have to wait to see more of their personalities.  These birds tend to name themselves.

You can see a really great picture of the Fayoumi below.  Fayoumi's are very tall and thin.  It is so exciting to watch them grow.  As you can see, we also added a roost for them to perch on.  The only one who is really enjoying the roost right now is the Dominique.  

They are all doing really well. In a few weeks, I plan to remove the heat lamp.  Once they get used to that, I will be moving them out to the garage to get used to the cold before their final move outside.  They should begin their lives outside by January.