Monday, October 14, 2013

Saving Tomato Seeds

I decided to save my tomato seeds from the garden.  This is not as easy to do as the bean seed saving, but it's still easy enough.

First I selected a tomato:

What a pretty tomato.  I will miss tomatoes from my garden, 

After I selected the tomato, I cut it in half so that you have a top half and a bottom half.  This makes it easier to get the seeds out.

You are now ready to get those lovely seeds out.  I squeezed them into a glass jar.  

Once I squeezed the seeds from both halves the bottom of the jar looked like this:

I still had two yummy tomato halves to eat.  They were great.  No seeds either.

I added water to the jar.  This helps the seeds separate from the gook (in technical terms) from the seeds.

The cover the jar with cheese cloth and a rubber band, and let it sit on the window sill for a few days.  I agitated the water every so often.  I don't know if you need to, but I did.  

After a few days, you will see the seeds separating.  At that point, I drained out the liquid into the sink.  

Here's where we run out of pictures.  I took the rubber band and the cheesecloth off of the jar and dried it on a colander for a few days.  The key is to get your seeds dry before you store them.  Make sure your seeds are nice and dry and store them in an envelope to use next year.  Make sure you label it, unless you like surprises.  Oh the fun of seed saving.  So next year's sauce and salsa will come from tomatoes from my garden grown from seeds that were saved by me.  That is the ultimate in awesome!!